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Asbestos Roofing And Sheeting

Asbestos cement cladded buildings are now becoming a concern due to the fragile nature of the product. Along with the well documented health risks associated with asbestos fibres, asbestos cement roofs are now reaching the end of their “fit-for-purpose” lifespan. This means roof sheets may be in poor condition, leading to roof leaks.

There are various liquid sealant products on the market that claim to remedy leaking asbestos cement products but from our experience most of these don’t seem to stand the test of time or guarantee a long-term leak free solution.

So what are my options?

Strip and replace:

This is certainly the best option for any building. This process consists of stripping all the existing asbestos cement sheeting system from the building and then replacing it with a new coated steel cladding system.

Advantages of strip and replace:

  • There is no asbestos left within the building envelope
  • All previous concerns with the old roof are eliminated
  • Visually the building will look like new, inside and out
  • The building’s value should increase dramatically
  • Systems are available that could vibrantly change the appearance of the building

Over cladding:

Although strip and replacement is the best choice, as with most things in life it comes at a price. Not only within the project costs, there’s also the potential disruption the scope of work may have on the use of the building until the project is complete. This is when over-cladding the existing system comes into its own.

Advantages of over-cladding:

  • Reduced interruption to customer processes
  • More cost effective
  • Will increase the lifespan of the building

At Alpha Cladding & Roof Maintenance Ltd we have an excellent understanding of all asbestos cement cladded buildings and have over-clad or stripped and replaced many buildings all with very positive results.

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